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Digital Multimeter
RD700, RD701
High Input Impedance 1000Mohm
With Temp Measurement
*RD701 - True RMS

Standard Accessory:

1. RD700/701 x 1
2. Holster (H-50) x 1pc.
3. Test Leads (TL-82) x 1set
4. K-type thermocouple (K-250PC) x 1set
5. Instruction Manual x 1pc
Optional Accessory:

1. Clamp Probe (CL33DC)
2. Clamp Probe (CL-22AD)
3. Clamp Probe (CL-20D)
4. K-type adapter (K-AD)
5. Carrying Case (C-CD)

1. AC True RMS ( RD701 only )
2. K-type temperature measurement 20oC ~ 250oC
3. High Input Impedance 1000Mohm
4. ADP Function
5. MAX Data Hold
5. Auto power off (Enable or Disable)
6. Relative Function
General Specification:

Display 4000 counts LCD (Hz: 9999 counts,Condenser : 5000 counts)
Update Sampling Rate 3 per second nominal (Hz: 2 per second nominal)
Low Battery Indication Below approx. 2.4V
Range Selection Auto and Manual ranges (partially Manual range or Auto range only
Polarity Indication Automatic selection (''-'' is indicated when negative voltage is inputted.)
Over ranging Indication ''OL'' mark indication
Operating Temperature 0oC~40oC, 0~80% R.H.
Relative Humidity Maximum relative humidity 80% for temperature up to 31oC decreasing linearly to 50% relative humidity at 40oC
Storage Temperature -20oC~60oC, < 80% R.H. (With battery removed)
Altitude Operating below 2000m
Temperature Coefficient Nominal 0.15 X (specified accuracy)/ oC @ (0oC ~18oC or 28oC~50oC), or otherwise specified
Power Supply 9V battery; NEDA1604A, JIS006P or IEC6F22
Sensing Average Sensing for RD700. True RMS for RD701
Safety Meets IEC61010-1 (1995), EN61010-1 (1995), to terminals:
V/R: CategoryIII 600 Volts ac and dc, and Category II 1000 Volts AC and DC
A: Category II 500 Volts ac and 300 Volts dc
mA/A: Category II 250 Volts ac and 150 Volts dc
Transient protection 6.5kV (1.2/50s surge)
Pollution degree 2
E.M.C. Meets EN61326 (1997, 1998/A1), EN61000-4-2 (1995), and EN61000-4-3 (1996)
In an RF field of 3V/m:
Capacitance function is not specified
AC 4.000V range:
Total Accuracy = Specified Accuracy + 700 digits
AC 400.0A range:
Total Accuracy = Specified Accuracy + 300 digits
Other function ranges:
Total Accuracy = Specified Accuracy + 40 digits
Performance above 3V/m is not specified
Power Consumption 3.2mA Typical
Auto Power Off Timing Idle for 30 minutes
Auto Power Off Function Consumption 300A typical for RD700; 360A typical for RD701
Dimension 179(L) X 87(W)X 55(H) mm with holster
Weight 320g / 460g with holster
Measurement Range And Accuracy:

Function & Range


Input Impedance Remarks
DCV   400.0mV (0.3%rdg + 4dgt) 1000Mohm  

NMRR: >50dB@50/60Hz

CMRR: >120dB@DC, 50/60Hz, Rs=1kohm

4.000V   (0.5%rdg + 3dgt) 10Mohm, 30pF nominal
1000V (1.0%rdg + 4dgt)
400.0mV   (4.0%rdg + 5dgt) 1000Mohm


CMRR:>60dB@DC to 60Hz, Rs=1kohm

4.000V   (1.5%rdg + 5dgt) 10Mohm, 30pF nominal
1000V (4.0%rdg + 5dgt)
Ohm 400.0ohm  (0.8%rdg + 6dgt)  

Open Circuit Voltage:

<0.4VDC typical

4.000kohm   (0.6%rdg + 4dgt)  
4.000Mohm (1.0%rdg + 4dgt)  
40.00Mohm (3.0%rdg + 4dgt)  
Condenser 500.0nF   (2.5%rdg + 6dgt)

Additional 50.00nF range accuracy is not specified.

Accuracies with film capacitor or better.



Hz 50.00Hz (0.5%rdg + 4dgt)  

Operating input voltage: <20Vrms.

Input Signal: Sine wave, or Square wave with duty cycle 40%~70%

Sensitivity: 10Hz~20kHz: > 0.9Vrms

20kHz~500kHz: > 2.6Vp or 1.9Vrms

500kHz~1MHz: > 4.2Vp or 3Vrms

Update Rate: 2 per second nominal  



TEMP -20~300oC (2%rdg + 3oC)   Type-K thermocouple range & accuracy not included
-4~572oF (2%rdg + 6oF)  
(1) Model RD701 True RMS accuracy of ACV, ACA & AC-ADP is specified from 5 % (10% for AC400.0mV range) to 100 % of range, or otherwise specified. Maximum Crest Factor < 1.75: 1 at full scale & < 3.5: 1 at half scale, and with frequency components within the specified frequency bandwidth for non-sinusoidal waveforms.  
(2) Specified with battery voltage above 2.8V. Accuracy decreases gradually to 12% at low battery warning voltage of approximately 2.4V.

Function & Range   Remarks  
Diode Check 2.000V  

Test Current (Typical): 0.25mA
Open Circuit Voltage: < 1.6 VDC  

Buzzer 400.0ohm

Audible threshold: Between 5ohm and 120ohm. Open circuit voltage: <0.4VDC typical.  

Function & Range   Accuracy   Burden Voltage   Remarks  
DCA 400.0A   (2.0%rdg + 5dgt)   0.15mV/A

*: 10A continuous  

4000A   (1.2%rdg + 3dgt)  
40.00mA   (2.0%rdg + 5dgt)   3.3mV/mA  
400.0mA   (1.2%rdg + 3dgt)  
4.000A (2.0%rdg + 5dgt)   0.03V/A  
10.00A* (1.2%rdg + 3dgt)  

400.0A   (2.0%rdg + 6dgt) 0.15mV/A  


*: 10A continuous

4000A   (1.5%rdg + 4dgt)


(2.0%rdg + 6dgt) 3.3mV/mA  
400.0mA (1.7%rdg + 4dgt)
4.000A (2.0%rdg + 6dgt)   0.03V/A
10.00A* (1.8%rdg + 4dgt)  

Function   Accuracy(3) Input Impedance   Remarks  


DC   (0.3%rdg + 4dgt)  

1000Mohm, 30pF nominal  


(1.8%rdg + 5dgt)  

RD700: 50Hz~500Hz
RD701: 50Hz~3kHz  

(3) The accuracy of the sensor is not included.  

Accuracy calculation : For example Measurement 400mVDC Range  
Display value 100.0 [mV]  
Accuracy 400.0[mV] Range(0.3%rdg + 4dgt)  
Error  (100.0 [mV]X 0.3%rdg + 4dgt) = 0.7 [mV]  
Calculation 100.0 [mV] (100.0 [mV]X 0.3%rdg + 4dgt)  
True value In a range of 099.3 [mV] ~ 100.7 [mV]  
*4 [dgt] in the 400.0 [mV] range correspond to 0.4 [mV].  
*Specifications and external appearance of the product described above may be revised for modification without prior notice.
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